More About Us

The Altelekker Youth Camp was established in 1991 and has grown ever since. The original focus was to offer leadership identification courses, but soon the camp's popularity grew and the type of groups visiting became more and more diversified. Today we host groups ranging from choirs; youth leaders; churches; school outings; leadership courses; small conferences, students; matric dances; weddings, birthday parties, sports groups and many more. We even have some retirement villages in the area who bring the elderly on day outings!

We've expanded the buildings on the campsite and also extended the sleeping quarters so that we can cater from small to very large groups.

Whatever your requirements might be, we will make sure to offer you an unforgettable experience! We also have a tuck shop on site which may be visited and we also have a variety of bomas where bonfires are made at night to create a 'bushveld' feeling for everyone. Many lush trees with shaded benches and tables can be enjoyed for relaxation by visitors and there is also a large swimming pool. The pool can also be heated on request for groups more than 150 people. Five large halls, various volleyball courts, a sports field, opstical course, water fountains and jungle gyms can be used for recreational purposes.